Day 4: No blame, Just focus

“You must stop blaming God, and not blame any person. You must completely control your desire and shift your avoidance to what lies within your reasoned choice. you must no longer feel anger, resentment, envy, or regret.”
-Epictetus, Discourses, 3.22.13

These past few days have been busy for me due to my girlfriend’s birthday on Friday and continuing into the weekend. But, it didn’t stop me from reflecting on the days reading and really sinking into the philosophy. Stoicism is broken down into three distinct disciplines: perception, action and will. These can be found in most if not all of the main texts of the philosophy. A good explanation is here. The main tenant, as always, knowing what is in your control and what is not.

The 4th day focused on No blame, just focus. Focusing on what is within your control and reasoned choice. “No matter what happens today, no matter where you find yourself, shift to what lies within your reasoned choices.” The essence being, “don’t get emotional-get focused.”

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