Day 3: The good life is anywhere

“At this moment you aren’t on a journey, but wandering about, being driven from place to place, even though what you seek-to live well-is found in all places. Is there any place more full of confusion than the forum? Yet even there you can live at peace, if needed.”
-Seneca, Moral Letters, 28.5b-6a

Today’s reading talked about how for whatever we do, whether it is creating something or deciding to do something, we often say that once we have the right setup or conditions we’ll finally be able to work. This is self-deception. And how often do we do this or tell ourselves this?

In my life, I often tell myself that I need to have my desk a certain way, or do certain rituals before I work or if I miss a certain time of day I can’t write or do what I need to do, that I’ll do it tomorrow. Even though I know, in the back of mind, that this is just an excuse or fear. It doesn’t change the fact that I need to do my job, here and now.

The solution that the reading offered? That it is far better to become pragmatic and adaptable, to be able to do what we need to do anywhere, anytime. “The place to do your work, to live the good life, is here.”

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