Life never goes according to plan. I learned that a long time ago and yet I still find myself wondering how the hell did things get to this point. For instance, I never thought going off to college my freshman year that I would be academically dismissed due to choosing the wrong major. I never thought I’d go through the things I went through to get me where I needed to be rather than where I wanted to go.

Life has a funny way of taking your intentions and plans and turning them on themselves. As if it’s saying, “Oh you have a plan, that’s nice; here’s a kick to the face to shake things up.” Of course what you do with what life throws at you is all on you.

The ancient Greeks and Romans had a concept of fate, they called it Tyche, Fortuna or fortune. A blind capricious young woman who carried a cornucopia and rode her wheel of fate. At her whim, men and kingdoms rose and fell. But only by those who knew how to make use of the opportunities and chaos she presented.

As of this moment, I am about to embark on an internship in the state government at Sacramento. I hardly have any money, no place to live out there and no contacts what so ever. Oh, and other university students, from universities all over the state, will also be joining in the internship. So this is like Game of Thrones combined with the Hunger Games taking place in the gladiatorial arena that is the state capital.

I have no idea what is going to happen. But, what I do have inĀ  my 25 years on this earth, is street knowledge combined with my book smarts. Like Machiavelli said, “I have found among my possessions nothing that I esteem higher than my knowledge of the deeds of great men.” Knowledge is indeed power, and so is wisdom. Fortuna is presenting me with an opportunity, like all great men before me, what I do with this opportunity is up to me. As a New Prince, let’s get started.

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